Our program encourages lifestyle changes that generate long-term results and overall wellbeing. We focus on tracking custom targets to help you reach your overall goal. The keys of our program are that it is simple, effective, convenient, and long-term.



Organize your life. Within our program, nourishment refers to our method of tracking. Nourishment comes from food, movement, and mind. Use our provided materials to track towards your own custom targets in these areas and collect points. We keep it simple and use a system where food servings can be determined using your hands and eyes.



Customized nourishment targets are generated based on your background information and overall goal. Your overall goal is what you are working towards within the program. Targets are reached on a daily and weekly basis and help you see the progress you are making. You will receive a weekly status sheet that highlights your progress and success.



Have you ever been confused by conflicting nutrition information online? Gain access to our exclusive content by joining More. Members-only content includes our "Did You Know?" database filled with information to improve knowledge and encourage healthy habits and some of our favorite recipe booklets. All program materials are carefully crafted by Certified Nutritionists so confusion is a thing of the past.



Consultations provide focused support with our trained professionals. All consultations are completed by Certified Nutritionists with the use of online forms and online video chatting services. Consultations can be added to any package and are used to review progress, thoroughly discuss goals, work through obstacles, and talk about other topics of interest.



Gain access into our added nourishment challenges and earn additional rewards. "Superfood of the Month" is a highlighted challenge, and you will receive information on the food's nutrient profile, benefits, uses, and recipes to incorporate the food into your diet. Other challenges will be released on a monthly basis and help you reach higher levels within the program.