Changing Perspectives

Your mind is powerful. The confidence you have or lack in yourself is a direct reflection of your thoughts and your mentality. How can you change your perspective and gain a stronger self worth? What is a mantra and can it help? Let's break it down. 

Shifting your perspective is a valuable technique, both when it comes to experiences you face and the way you see yourself. Data suggests that a large majority of the world's population suffers from low self-esteem. How can this be changed? Two words: Your mind. Adjusting and refocusing the perception you have of yourself is powered by your thoughts and your attitude. 

Has anyone ever told you that you are too hard on yourself? Guess what? It's probably true. People tend to be harder on themselves than on others. If you change your perspective and focus on the positive traits you possess, self-confidence can result. Utilizing a mantra is one way to shift your mindset.

A mantra is an instrument of the mind and its purpose is to help ground you and bring you to a calm, tranquil state. Mantras can be words (predominantly used) or sounds. Exercises that ground you can help clear your mind of the negative and make room for the positive.

We've gathered some of our favorite mantras below. To start, try sitting in a chair or on the floor. Close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths. Repeat a mantra of your choice slowly 10 times and continue to breathe deeply. Once you become more comfortable with this exercise, try repeating a mantra 20 times, or add one into a longer meditation session.

  • I am confident

  • I will go confidently in the direction of my dreams

  • I am worthy

  • I am loved

  • Happiness flows from me

  • I believe in myself

  • I am strong

  • I am enough

After doing this short exercise, you should feel more relaxed and at ease. When this is done regularly, you should experience a shift in your mindset and a more positive outlook on yourself and on life in general.

Do what works best for you. There is no right or wrong here. There is no competition. You are the prize. You are worth it. Invest time into yourself.

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